Getting Started

  1. Add credit to your account.
    Credit allows you to queue cards to be added to your account.
  2. Browse Cards
    Use pricing and usage statistics to make informed speculation decisions.
  3. Queue Cards
    Adding a card to your queue tells us you would like to add the card to your account. When we have purchased the card for you, your account will reflect your aquisition.
  4. Make Trades or Start Auctions
    Once a card appears in your account, you are free to trade with or sell to other users. Create a trade with cards to receive offers of other cards. Create an auction to receive offers of credit.
  5. Cash in Cards
    When you feel the time is right, sell your cards back to us for credit.
  6. Go Infinite!
    At any time you can redeem your credit for Magic Online tickets. Make wise choices and make a profit!