Everything you should know.

To start browsing cards you must create an account.

This is as easy as connecting your Google, Twitter or Facebook account to Modotrader. Click here to do so now!

Once you have an account and are logged in, you can begin by clicking on "Cards" in the navigation bar. Or click here.

The card index allows you to sort through many Magic: The Gathering Online cards.

Clicking "More Info" allows you to view data about the card's price and usage history.

The "Add to Order" button will place cards in your Queue. Placing a card in your Queue requires credit and will immediately deduct 0.25 credit from your account.

Prior to adding cards to your Queue you will be asked to specify how you would like your order to be fulfilled. The "Max" field indicates that you would only like your order completed if we are able to add the entire quantity specified to your account. The "Abort" field indicates the price increase beyond which we should no longer add the card to your account. We will not add this card if the price is higher than the price at which you added the card to your Queue plus the abort price.

Once a card has been added to your Queue we will add it to your account as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the card is not added to your account immediately. The card is added as soon as we are able to aquire it and only then will the price of the card be deducted from the credit in your account.

Once the card is in your account you may perform three actions on it.

  • Whenever you wish you may sell your card back to us. When you do this, your account immediately gains credit equal to the current buy price of the card.
  • You may post your card as an auction for other users to bid on or buy from you. Auctioning a card requires credit and will immediately deduct 0.15 credit from your account.
  • You may offer your card for trade. You may offer up to three distinct cards per trade by tabbing between each card's information tab and clicking the "Add to Trade" button. You may specify a card you hope to trade each card for but other users will be able to offer you any combination of cards regardless of whether you specified them. Creating a trade requires credit and will immediately deduct 0.15 credit from your account.

When you auction or trade a card it will be unavailable to you for the duration of the listing which is three days from the time you list.

At any time you may cash in your Modotrader credit for MTGO tickets. However, cash-ins are only accepted in integer quantities, 1 credit = 1 ticket.